lundi 12 janvier 2015

Sun Jan 11th 2015

My Dear friends,

We are Jan 11th 2015. What happened today in France (and all over the world) is historic and will define decades to come.

Instead of answering terror attacks by force and hate, a population stood up to say NO to violence and YES to free speech. 40+ government leaders were there including the Israelis and the Palestinians.

No violence during the day, just a peaceful and silent march. This, my friends, is history being written. And from now on, people will look at it with respect in the future.
Unfortunately, other terror attacks will happen, my deepest hope is that people will look at this event and ask themselves: "What would the French do?".

I don't know what will happen in France tomorrow or next week. Maybe it was just one day, maybe hate will find its way inside hearts. What I can say for sure is that people in the world will remember this day, Jan 11th 2015, not tomorrow.

I want the 11th of a month to be remembered not as a tragedy but as a day where people stood up to take their future in their hands.

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